Growing up, I was always around food. I was lucky enough to have very wonderful parents and grandparents who all know how to cook. Ever since I was little, I would hang out with my grandparents in the kitchen to learn everything they knew about cooking. I always loved sharing meals and cooking with my family. It reminds me of being young, growing up, and being around those who mean the most to you.

Cooking is a part of who I am. It’s how I bonded with my family, and how I learned to provide for others. It would be amazing to be able to combine my love for food and graphic design in my career. I’m not sure how I’d exactly achieve that, but I like to dream big. I think it’s why I admire Bon Appetit so much, because they’re so creative in their recipes and their design. It’s truly inspiring to see a company grow and listen to what their audience wants and likes.

Cooking is methodical, yet you have so many avenues to explore to make your dish pop. Everytime I prepare a meal, my mind goes on autopilot. I feel like an extension of the kitchen, like a whisk or a microplane. I trust what I do in the kitchen, because it’s one of the activities that makes me feel the most relaxed. I can just focus on the recipe and how delicious it’s going to (hopefully) be, and just go. My creativity comes out, and I get a chance to improve on my cooking skills.Besides, there’s no better feeling than sharing a delicious meal with the people you love.