Graphic Design

Like I mentioned, when I came to Texas State I wasn't sure I wanted to get into graphic design until I was 20. I was a Polisci major, and for grocery money I was doing commissions for Twitch streamers. I figured it was something easy I could do for extra cash and I knew that I had fun doing it, so it was a safe bet. I realized that the more practice I got, the more I really started to love it.

Slim Palate's Thirty Best

I was lucky enough to start working with Joshua Weissman, who is an incredible chef and youtuber. He asked me if I would design his second book, Slim Palate’s 30 Best Ebook. I cannot begin to tell you how terrified I was, this was the biggest project that I had the opportunity to work on. This was the first time I really had to work on my time management skills, which was difficult to balance out at first. But I started to hit my stride when I would work on the book for two hours, then work on homework for a few hours, and alternate until I finished homework or studying. It was then when I realized that this experience was teaching me skills beyond graphic design that are invaluable.

Texas State 2019 Football program Cover

My second major project was designing the Texas State 2019 Football programs. (This is where my time management skills really came in handy.) I had to design each Home game program (60 pages) in one week. This was by far the most challenging internship because every deadline came so quickly and it was such a huge program to put together. This made for a lot of sleepless nights, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Texas State 2019 Football Program Texas State 2019 Football Program

So far I have worked on: