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Hello! My name is Kristin Russell, and I am a senior studying Digital Media Innovations at Texas State University. The main reason I wanted to major in DMI is because it deals with communications, media, technolody, and design all into one, which is beneficial in a rapidy growing digital world. Aside from work and school, I spend a lot of my time doing graphic design work. I started learning InDesign and Photoshop in my newspaper class in High School, and I fell in love with it. I have always been creative, but I never stuck with a medium for long enough. Either I didn't like it or I grew out of it, but graphic design really stuck with me.

Like I said I fell in love with graphic design quickly, but I wasn't totally sure that's what I wanted to do with my life. When I first started at Texas State, I was a Polisci major and planned on going to law school (imagine breaking that news to your parents), which I am so grateful I figured out that one by my Sophomore year. At that time, I was already 6 months into freelancing which allowed me to pratice and learn new softwares like Illustrator and Premiere Pro. This led to some design jobs and internships that helped me learn and grow as a designer. When I'm not spending countless hours on Creative Cloud Apps, I spend my free time cooking (or binging Bon App├ętit videos), reading, hanging out with my dog (Cash), and playing Red Dead Redemption with my boyfriend (Spencer). I'm not really sure what exactly it is I want to do - which is terrifying - but I know I'm passionate, and I found a degree I'm genuinely excited for.

I think my plan for this website will be to eventually make it my portfolio. That way I'll have one single place to have all my professional work. I've worked on commissions, published books, designed the Texas State Football programs for 2019, and have worked with Joshua Weissman. Each opportunity taught me so much about working with creators, gave me the chance to learn and build my design skills, and encouraged me to keep doing what I love.

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Last Updated February 9, 2020